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Sunday, 11 October 2015 16:12

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes

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5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600 5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

In the next two years, German companies expect a big change. Which and why? The fact that in the 2015-2016 lineup of Mercedes-Benz will undergo some major changes said a long time. However, until recently the matter as rumors and limited. Now received official confirmation, with the most top.

At a special closed event on the future of the German mark, our insider told its executive vice president and chief Ola Kallenius Marketing - Dr. Jens Timer. So, no gossip - just the bare facts.

1. Maybach is back!

When in 2012 the concern Daimler AG decided to close the brand Maybach, one not particularly surprised. It is a logical move because in ten years the Germans managed to sell only 3,200 of these luxury sedans. A drop in the sea, even by the standards of elite models. For example, the British Rolls-Royce (recall, this company belongs to the arch-rival - BMW) in a comparable amount are sold out every year! All were amazed now when Ola Kallenius solemnly declared - Maybach will be revived! Last Maybach collected at the plant in Sindelfingen, Germany December 17, 2012. For ten years, the elite brand managed to implement some 3200 cars. For comparison, the Rolls-Royce cars only in 2012 has sold over 3.5 thousand. Then in the hall, it seemed, there was only one dumb question - why !? Value for the second time to enter the river, which once almost drowned? Top managers are sure - definitely worth it. After all, in the promotion of "Maybach" were invested huge amounts of money, and with his departure Daimler lost an important (and prestigious) market niche. Especially for the high and mighty, even the S-Class has become the exclusive enough. The latest generation of the model in the first year of sales has sold over 100 thousand copies. Naturally, the fat cats want something new, even more luxurious and interesting. Plus, at Daimler took into account the mistakes of the past and radically changed the concept. Henceforth Maybach - not a separate brand, but only sub-brand within the divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars. In other words, these cars will be collected on a conventional conveyor, sell through a common distribution network, to develop and promote within the framework of a unified strategy, and was referred to as Mercedes-Maybach. That's right - already without Mr. Benz.

This funny cartoon is becoming clear, as seen in the Mercedes-Benz new positioning "Maybach" and AMG sports car

The first model of the new line will be shown very soon - next week. And just in China and the United States. These countries together with Russia, South Korea, and the Middle East will be the main markets for the revived Maybach. But I am among the limited circle of journalists lucky enough to see the novelty before others. Information, however, given a minimum, take pictures, too, was banned, but I'm already ready to tell a lot of interesting.

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

While this is only a formal photo, which gives an idea of the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. The main difference from the usual "six-hundredth" - stretched 20 cm wheelbase, more headroom height, luxury chairs with ottomans (convertible almost horizon), and, of course, extremely luxurious amenities. For comparison, below we present a snapshot of the cabin long wheelbase S-Class in the performance of the S 65 AMG. For the most thoughtful report - monitors, by itself, can be ordered for "Maybach"

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach review

Kallenius couple with Dr. Timur tightening the blanket, and I opened Mercedes-Maybach S 600. At first glance - the usual "six hundredth» S-Class. But bypassing the car around and begin to notice the original parts. And without that shiny grille became even more sparkle. Frame door dressed in polished metal. On the C-pillar, the logo appears Maybach, and on the trunk lid - the name of the sub-brand on a par with the usual trёhluchevoy star. At the same time, marketers emphasize Mercedes-Maybach S 600 - not merely embellished the S-Class with a bunch of options, and the independent model, even if it was built on the same unit. And draws my attention to the roof line. It is not as sloping as a conventional sedan, so the VIP-passengers was more space overhead. The rear rack were small windows. And when at spreading massive door, you know, where did 20 cm gain in wheelbase. Between the axles from Mercedes-Maybach S 600 - 3365 mm, and from the nose to the tail of a luxury sedan stretched out on the 5453 mm. For comparison, the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, the figures are 3295 and 5399 mm, respectively, and his long version EWB - 3465 and 5569 mm.

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

Mercedes-Maybach S600 will open to the public next week - almost simultaneously at the car dealership in Los Angeles and Guangzhou. But we've seen this car, and we can safely tell: in front and behind it is much like a regular "six hundredth" (top photo), differing only in the details like the grille and nameplates (photo below). But the profile will be different - with even more stretched back door, a high roofline and an additional window in the C-pillar

 Mercedes-Maybach S 600

Before entering a cabin, I want to take off your shoes. I would venture to suggest that if the owner of the car falls asleep on the plane during the flight in first class, and then suddenly appears in his Mercedes-Maybach S 600, that much of a difference will not notice. Why are there only! Comfortable cashmere pillow, "hairy" carpets with a high pile, individual monitors, climate control, mini-bar, folding tables, motorized curtains ... But all this pales against the backdrop of the magnificent chairs. It is clear that they are equipped with heating, ventilation, massage and a variety of power tune-up. I was struck the other - with its rise in 185 cm, I was able to spread out a chair almost flat bed and not get kicked up in front of the seat back. Above me - a huge panoramic roof. Wherever you throw look - the dynamics of the audio system Burmester ... That's really royal comfort! The developers say that the former was already Maybach 57S. And even boast that in the course of the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 will be the quietest car in the world. Of course, in terms of acoustic comfort for passengers. On occasion certainly try. But on the first row of Mercedes-Maybach does not differ from conventional S-Class: the same design, the same controls, and options. Is that the front panel is trimmed with original leather quilted Design. Although similar to the standard machine can finish order ... But apparently, the driver and that should be enough.

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes

In front of the cabin Mercedes-Maybach exactly the same as a luxury version of the conventional S-Class (look image). But buyer model luxury sub-brand, of course, there will be more opportunities for the selection of exclusive finishes.

By the way, how the car driver will have to manage? Exact specifications unveil later, but here is what I found out. Under the hood of Mercedes-Maybach S 600 - six-liter V12 Biturbo. Power - 530 horsepower, torque - 830 Nm. Implement their rear wheels measuring 20 inches. Brakes usual, but the suspension is active - Active Body Control function Magic Body Control, regulating stiffness signal stereo cameras that scan the road ahead and see bumps in advance. Wait, but that sub-brand means that it will include not only one car? However, the fun of Mercedes expanding range Maybach is said cautiously. At the moment we know that will be released 455-hp Mercedes-Maybach S 500, and specifically for the Chinese market, all-wheel drive Mercedes-Maybach S 400 4MATIC with a three-liter V6 twin-turbo 333-impact forces. And there, staring, logos Maybach and other "Mercedes" will appear. As for the price of Mercedes-Maybach S 600, then it will be announced in December. However, the plug is obvious - "premium premium" is clearly more expensive than "six-hundredths", but, according to top management, cheaper Rolls-Royce Ghost, and Bentley Flying Spur. This means it is necessary to prepare for a range of about 150 - 170 thousand USA$ dollars. More big mystery with the sales plan. While mersedesovtsy believe only in one thing - the current Maybach exactly become more popular than ever.

2. "Mercedes" will be new renamed

Universal unification and marketing gimmicks automakers have led to the fact that the market flooded with many niche models. Crossovers of all stripes, roadsters, four compartments, sports car universals "shooting breaks" ... Mersedesovtsy recognized - the customer is confused and does not know what to look for. So, we must help him. Make a range of simpler and clearer. And just in case the right has turned up. Coincidentally, during the 2015 Mercedes-Benz almost completely updated line of SUV. Remain unchanged only veteran G-Class and the relatively young crossover GLA. And here at the GLK, ML and GL will successors. And they will be called in a different way.

New Mercedes-Maybach S 600

Here is the new "alphabet» Mercedes-Benz. Judging by the abundance of immune cells, we are waiting for a lot more niche models from Stuttgart. And we can already guess in what classes they will come around. For example, not far off the debut of four-door coupe CLC-based C-Class.

The idea of ​​a new range of Mercedes-Benz is to bind each of special models to the lineup of classic cars that for many years are familiar to consumers. It A-, B-, C-, E- and S-classes in all their traditional diversity: sedans, two-door coupes, wagons, convertibles. On which of these characters is steeper even know housewives. Following this logic, GLK turns into GLC, ML - in GLE, GL - in GLS. Have you noticed that all the indices start at the letter 'G? It indicates membership in the off-road family and refers to "Gelendevagenu", which only retain the previous notation - a G-Class.

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600 review and concept

From the "non-core" Mercedes-Benz models, former stores only index G-Class SUV and a roadster SL. The Germans rightly believe that clients know these machines are better than basic families of A-, B-, C-, E- and S-Class. Over time, as we update our lineup, a new standard will adjust and other cars. For example, in 2016 there will be the turn of roadsters. Honored index SL is not moved, but the compact SLK renamed SLC. In turn, the four-door coupe and sports car universals Shooting Brake allocated combination CL (the letter L all added to the sense of euphony and does not carry the load). But now such Mercedes-Benz are the "right" names - CLA and CLS.

This video shows you how and why change designation Mercedes-Benz models in 2015


3. Each engine - the small letter

Under comb simplify the notation, in 2015 will get not only the models but also their power plants. After all, today the alternative "fuel - diesel» Mercedes-Benz is no longer limited. The company has a range of hybrids - conventional and plug, an all-electric model cars with gas engines and fuel cells. And everyone - my name like Artful BlueTEC. An ordinary man is absolutely nothing said. So soon we will have to get used to the new order. Be aware - if you see the street Mercedes-Benz at no extra letters after the numeric index (for example, C 180), then in front of you exactly the petrol model.

5 Facts About The Future markers Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

You would think that Mercedes builders adopted the idea with a small letter designations engine competitors from BMW. But Stuttgart marketers have found another excuse. Like, the first ever diesel passenger car called the Mercedes-Benz 260 D. This new index.

Without exception, all diesel Germans decided to designate the letter «d»: E 350 d, GLA 200 d, and etc. Some see in this a direct allusion to the BMW, but Mercedes creators - say, the most world's first passenger car with a diesel engine was called the Mercedes-Benz 260 D. However, why then in modern marketers have chosen a small letter 'instead of the capital, one could not explain. By analogy will highlight the alternative power plants: «h» to the name will get the usual hybrids, «e» - electric cars and hybrid plug-in (according opinion of Mercedes builders even S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID with electric power reserve of 30 km can be considered an electric car) and "f" and "c" will go to fuel cells and compressed gas, respectively. Unchanged remains the name of the only all-wheel drive models – 4MATIC.

4. We are waiting for the sports SUV and the new four-door coupe

The only game in the alphabet Mercedes-Benz will not be limited. We are waiting for new models. Do you know what the first version of the SUV will debut at change GLE ML is in the middle of 2015? Coupe! Yes, finally in Stuttgart decided to strike items BMW X6. Naturally, filling GLE Coupe is held in the strictest confidence. But on one of the slides in a presentation I was able to see the profile of new products. I will say this - it is true off-road coupe: a dynamic silhouette, high seating, swollen wheel arches. Looks interesting order of magnitude of the current ML. But a clear resemblance to the BMW X6 guards - really designers of Mercedes - Benz have not been able to come up with something of their own? I do not believe! So we wait for the debut. And let us hope that the series will go something similar to the concept Coupe SUV.

 5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

 In mid-2015, Mercedes-Benz will launch rival BMW X6 called GLE Coupe. Let us hope that the production model will not less spectacular than the recent prototype Concept Coupe SUV (pictured) 

I think you have already explored a slide with a new range of models of Mercedes-Benz. Did we notice a void in the lineup between the four-door coupe CLA and CLS? It is not by accident. The Germans are preparing to debut an intermediate model, which received index CLC (by the way, used to be called a compact two-door coupe). Details about it are not reported, but the guess here a long time do not have to. Rather, in technical terms, this machine will repeat the basic C-Class. Is that the chassis probably will set up a little sportier. Yes, and the design is more or less clear - the style of cars Mercedes-Benz had to work.

Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

 The Internet is full of spy shots to test a prototype of a compact sports wagon CLA Shooting Brake. It is expected that in early 2015 model goes on sale

The mystery is whether there will be in defiance of the normal C-Class wagon rapid Shooting Brake? In this version of the CLS is already there, while the CLA definitely appear in the nearest future. Tests of such a machine, according to the spy shots, nearing completion, and I think we will see it on one of the closest major auto show. It is possible that before the end of 2014.

5. AMG entered the inner circle

Mercedes-Maybach - not only a new sub-brand under the wing of Mercedes-Benz. A similar fate befell the factory unit construction machines charged - AMG. And if the market entry models from the "luxury" department are yet to come, the sports version of the now ubiquitous renamed.

 5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes

 Is it true, now, within the corporate hierarchy of Mercedes, AMG - a sub-brand, as well as revived Maybach

The first was the new supercar Mercedes-AMG GT, test drive which will soon be published on the "Auto Mail.Ru». And we went after the car, which in the past has been in production. For example, in German showrooms already possible to meet Mercedes-AMG E 63 or Mercedes-AMG C 63. Changes in technology are no cars, only updated nameplates and leaflets. So for the buyer, this change of signboards especially not change anything. Unless people feel closer to success "stable" of Formula 1, which, recall, is also known as Mercedes-AMG ...

5 Facts About The Future Of Mercedes-Maybach S 600

 Mercedes-AMG GT marked the beginning of a new tradition. Now all charged model "Mercedes" will be referred to that way - Mercedes-AMG, without the Carl Benz ...

And yet - what an honor AMG? The answer, as always, lies in the field of market and finance. Do not forget - a small company in a relatively short time has gone from the usual tuning shop to a sub-brand of the famous brand. And all because the Germans succeed year after year to raise the popularity of models AMG. For example, if in 2013 these machines have sold about 32 million units, in 2014, it is expected to be passed the mark of 40 thousand. Agree on a lot for this kind of car niche and rather expensive vehicles. So why not develop a theme?



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