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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 22:15

The new "Mercedes" for $10 Million. What Fun?

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The new "Mercedes" for $10 Million The new "Mercedes" for $10 Million

 The new, convertible Mercedes-Benz for the money priory close to perfection. Otherwise, the client will go directly to the Bentley or Rolls-Royce 


Mercedes Cabriolet

For the first time in the last 45 years, Mercedes-Benz once again creates an open S-Class. The last was a model 220 SE Cabriolet W111 in the body that produce finished in 1971. The challenge for Mercedes-Benz engineers is to make the perfect land yacht - in this segment differently in any way. The challenge for the client to earn on it. Well, my - I try not to be blinded by novelty.

01Probably, if put on the presentation shown on sunglasses from Mercedes-Benz collection, the plan will fail. Yes, and the branded scarf is not on my side. Therefore, I reject even the organizers of the proposed cap and sit behind the wheel of Mercedes-AMG S-Class Cabriolet S 63. Thus, I have broken almost all the rules for the use of open machine: Convertible ride on without accompanying accessories - what to type the text on the smartphone. Possible but inconvenient.

 Mercedes Cabriolet Review

02Upwind Technology

But for such stubborn as I am, engineers are still taken care of everything. The system of "air scarf" has long been used in the open, "Mercedes" and is a built-in baffle headrest to blow warm air neck. Unfortunately, such a handy thing there is only a front. Both displays (tidy here too "drawn") have a tremendous contrast. Even when the spring sun pounding into them, winding paths perfect read on the Command System screen.



Operations with car roof lasts about 20 seconds are possible at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, as well as remotely from the key fob, key

 Mercedes - Upwind Technology

If you do not want to wear a baseball cap the head, it must be said about this car. The system is available as an option, which reduces turbulence in the interior - from the windshield frame extends a kind of visor spoiler. Together with the traditional windscreen behind it creates a serene atmosphere even at high speeds. You can go without a hat, listen to music or simply doze off, drowned in the passenger seat. However, with the proviso, of which below.



... But only for two


Specially adapted climate control (! 12 sensors and 18 actuators) in conjunction with the heating of all that only is possible - even armrests - works great and makes the cabin warm in the "lounge" even in the mountains, where the wind is pretty cool. But all this is only true for the front passengers. No technology is not able to make the trip back without a roof comfortable - the wind mercilessly pulls my hair is already at 50 miles per hour, the cold air licking unprotected neck (corporate branded "scarf" for Mercedes driver is not provided), and that, to hear each other, and you can not dream.


The fact that the occupants of the second row here are not very pleased says the lack of glasses and keys - small triangular "marginalia" rear can be lowered and raised only a driver. The final hint - the volume of the luggage compartment. Even with the top up is only 350 liters, and with lowered to barely fit a couple of bags. 

Mercedes camriolet Inside

Inside the vehicle is quiet not only for noise reduction but also due to the record low of drag Cd 0,29. With the roof down, even there is no difference with the lowered and raised glasses!

In Europe will buy AMG

The most modest option - S500 with 455-horsepower V8 with two turbines and 9-speed automatic transmission. Surprisingly, this version like even more than the 585-hp S 63 with twin-turbo V8 and automatic transmissions on the 7. First of all, S 500 - rear wheel drive, while the AMG-Cabriolet has a nameplate 4Matic. On a winding road to manage such a machine pleasant as feeling on the steering wheel cleaner and a car without a shaft to the front wheels are more willing to pass turns when driving fast. That also contributes to the lower weight. And if you go slowly, then why AMG?

 Mercedes Cabriolet Engine

At the sound of the exhaust, Mercedes-AMG S-class Cabriolet S63 lacks a little drama. The feel of acceleration also dulled, despite the declared figures 3.9


And what if you do not have a ten million?



Then you can buy a roadster! Compared to the huge S Cabriolet small SLC (ex-SLK) is quite affordable. In an age when Chinese SUV worth over two million, 2.97 million for the open Mercedes-Benz does not seem to be something transcendental. Roadster has just been updated, he changed his name and got a pair of new engines. Most liked the top version of the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 turbo-V6 of 367 "horses". Dynamics is entirely convincing (4.7 seconds), plus the "forty-three" is easily controlled in the drift, and sounds like a sportbike: high and shooting! SLK models will be 20 years old this year, and before us restyling already the third generation.

Option midway between the 184-horsepower SLC 200 and the AMG-version - an SLC 300 with 245 hp The two-liter turbo engine carries up to a hundred in less than 6 seconds, and charismatic mutters. Driving "three-hundredth" not as cool as the AMG, but also provocatively. And for hardcore driving stiffness of the body still is not enough neither one nor the other. What, apart from luxury, you lose by paying for such an open Mercedes-Benz three times less than for the S Cabriolet? The wind in the cabin will be a walk in spite of everything, hard top management will be all the same to hide under the cover unnecessary, have to sit in cramped and almost on the floor. But the SLC much for the drive. And what if the interior puts on, only reinforces this impression.

But something important still no interior high expensive S-Class Cabriolet, or in an accessible SLC. It's about sunscreen, necessary for walking without a roof! Therefore, do not forget before the trip to smear the face and hands of the tube until it is not built into the car.


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